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Nickelodeon's Parents' Pick Awards Nickelodeon's Parents' Pick Awards

Frolic in our forest-themed indoor play area.

Dip, Dunk and Pour at our interactive watertable!

Treehouse Play!

Our two-story treehouse delivers loads of fun and adventure. Children will enjoy climbing and sliding, as well as crawling into the secret star cave that is illuminated by hundreds of tiny, twinkling fibre optic lights. A kaleidoscope, peek-a-boo holes, see-through floor and whisper tube are sure to entertain. Climb up. Slide down. Crawl under. Peer across. Whisper through. Gaze into.

Get your hands wet in our multi-tiered shallow water table. SPLASH! offers plenty of excitement for children 18 months to 8 years old. Kids everywhere love getting wet, splashing and playing in water. It is also a sensory based, child directed activity - a wonderful stimulus for learning!

SPLASH! includes a variety of interactive devices:

Stream Table

A multi-tiered table offers a gentle current, cascading at gradually lowering heights for easy access. Interaction with flowing water and experimentation with objects in the water's current enables hands-on learning.


Tools to block, divert or direct water flow allow children to construct their own dams and canals. Moveable panels are easily inserted into junctions to create racing lanes, dead-ends, or winding paths that can be navigated with balls or other water toys.

Sprinklers, Water Wheels, & Dump Buckets

Fill containers of all types and size from sprinklers, spouts and pools. Kids will dip, dunk, pour, observe the force of water, or simply splash around with water toys enacting the stories of their imagination.

Water Jets

Directional jets set propellers spinning. Children can use handles to point jets, creating turbulence and propelling balls toward a chute where the ball will get sucked down, then shot out at a different level of the table.

Water hoses

Point your hose to hit the target. Successful aim is rewarded as mobile sculpture starts spinning.

Stimulus for Learning

Through play and experimentation, children develop cognitively feeling the water, watching how it moves, hearing the sounds it makes.

As children fill containers with water, they are often unaware that they are estimating measurements.

They learn about objects that float and are introduced to concepts of buoyancy, balance, and gravity.

Watching how liquids behave introduces basic concepts of physics.

Children think about emptying and filling containers and come to understand the meaning of water-related words such as shallow and deep.



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