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REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED for all classes at City Treehouse and is based on availability.
To learn more or sign up, call (212) 255-2050 or email (please call if under 24hrs in advance).

Fall 2017 Schedule:
September 11th - December 17th, 13 classes (No classes 11/20 - 11/26)

Winter 2018 Schedule:
January 8th - April 8th, 12 classes (No classes 2/19 - 2/25)

Trial, Drop-In and Make-up Classes:
-Trial a class for only $25. (First time only)
- Drop-in to any class for $50.
- Make-up classes will be scheduled after a class is missed, up to 2 per session, cannot be carried over to the next session, can be used for any City Treehouse class *(partner classes not available for make-up: Music Together or The Moms Groups)
Notify City Treehouse at least 24 hrs in advance of absence to be eligible for a make-up class

Available Discounts: (Class Prices are subject to change)
Discounts can be combined up to maximum of 20%
Ask about discounts for New Students (20%), Siblings (10%), Multiple classes (10-20%) and Early registration (10%).

Class + Play Packages: Playtime is not included with class registration.
Special discounts on play visits are available with class purchases. Add play time, before or after class, for the entire Fall semester for only $195.

Creation Station Dance
Creation Station Dance classes require ballet and tap shoes; Tots & Tutus require ballet or soft shoes only. Adult participation may be required. Families are invited to a semester-end recital.

Tots & Tutus
Wednesdays: 9:30a *resumes Winter
Fridays: 9:30a
Ages: 18 - 28m | 45 min. | Fall $520 | Winter $480 | with caregiver
This internationally acclaimed toddler dance class is full of stimulation in sight, touch and sound. Your child will begin to learn terminology and basic dance movements all while using puppets, musical instruments, props, bubbles, body movement and gross motor skill development games. We keep pace with your child's sense of play as well as their desire to learn. This class is used as a base for ballet/tap class.

2 & 3's Ballet/Tap
Mondays: 4:30p
Wednesdays: 10:30a
Fridays: 10:30a
Ages: 2 - 4y | 45 min. | Fall $520 | Winter $480 | with caregiver
Dance should be about learning to nurture creativity in movement. Developing coordination and promoting self-esteem, combined with learning basic positions and terminology, are the building blocks of our wildly creative dance curriculum Through story dancing, weekly themes, and the use of hundreds of props and costumes, Creation Station Ballet Tap classes become a magical dance experience for every child!

3 & 4's Ballet/Tap
Wednesdays: 11:30a
Ages: 3 - 5y | 45 min. | Fall $520 | Winter $480 | with caregiver

4 & 5's Ballet/Tap *NEW TIME
TRIAL Saturday December 2nd at 9:30a
Ages: 4 - 6y | 45 min. | Trial $25 | with caregiver

5 & 6's Ballet/Tap *NEW TIME
TRIAL Tuesday December 5th at 4:30p
Ages: 4 - 6y | 45 min. | Trial $25| Winter $480 | with caregiver

Princess Series
Mondays: 3:30p
Ages: 3 - 5y | 45 min. | *resumes Winter $480 | caregiver onsite
Tuesdays: 3:30-4:15p
Ages: 4 - 6y | 45 min. | Fall $520 | Winter $480 | caregiver onsite
Come stretch your imagination, as well as your toes, in this storybook dance class based on your favorite princess ballet stories: Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, Cinderella, Giselle, and many more! Through story dancing and the use of basic elements of dance technique, your child will start to learn how to tell a story using their bodies. Your child will explore elements of creative movement, ballet, jazz, and tap in this delightful trip to enchanted kingdoms! Please feel free to dress up!

Pip Hop
TRIAL Tuesday December 5th at 11:00a

Ages: 2 - 4y | 45 min. | Trial $25 | Winter $480 | with caregiver
TRIAL Tuesday December 12th at 4:30p
Ages: 4 - 6.5y | 45 min. | Trial $25 | Winter $480 | caregiver onsite
Has your pip-squeak wanted to 'dance like the big kids'? Well now is their chance... Pip Hop is Hip Hop for the younger set. Our Pip Hop class is full of rhythm, body awareness, simple choreography and high energy craziness all set to cool funky music! If you have a pip-squeak that can't stop moving bring them to this simplified hip hop class to get their groove on.

Toddler Yoga by Karma Kids
Wednesdays: 10:00a
Ages: 18 - 36m | 45 min. | Resumes Winter $360 | with caregiver
Partner with your toddler in simple animated poses, games, art, music and breathing exercises that help to strengthen coordination and build body awareness. We'll bark in downward dog, hiss in cobra pose and flutter our wings in butterfly, while we take a yoga journey that your child will never forget! This fun class provides key parent and child bonding exercises.

Art Is For Everyone
Mondays: 3:30p
Ages: 2 - 6y | 45 min. | Fall $455 | Winter $420 | with caregiver
Make a masterpiece and discover surprising talents in this very special art class led by Mr. Ohashi, an artist and art educator with more than 20 years experience in New York and Tokyo.  Children are guided though a step-by-step journey that ends with charming and impressive results! A variety of materials and techniques will be explored including painting, paper crafts, collage, sculpture and more!

The Great Art Start
TRIAL December 8th at 9:30a
Fridays: 9:30a
Ages: 14-28m | 45 min. | Winter $420 | with caregiver
A great first-art-class where your child can make a fun mess! With an emphasis on sensory experience, this class will introduce kids to color, texture, shape, and smell as we make edible finger paint, rainbow fish prints, collage cards, salt dough shapes and more!

The Creative Kitchen Fun with Food
Thursdays: 3:30p
Ages: 2.5 - 6y | 45 min. | Fall $320 | Winter $480 | with caregiver
The Creative Kitchen Fun with Food is a hands-on cooking series, presented by Cricket Azima. Children will cook and eat some fun and delicious treats! Recipes will feed both the brain and the belly focusing on themes such as numbers, colors, and shapes.


Creative Play for Kids
Creative Play for Kids brings lively and fun music and movement activities to babies and toddlers. These upbeat music, movement, and art classes offer hands-on interactive play, singing, dancing, stories, puppets, instrument playing, art, and a whole lot more to give children a full sensory experience. Plus all classes have guitar accompaniment. Classes support children's language development, fine and gross motor coordination, and encourage early socialization skills. Parents/caregivers are encouraged to join in the activities and gently guide their child's participation throughout the classes.

Messy Movers & Shakers 1
Thursdays: 9:30a
Ages: 12 - 20m | 45 min. | Fall $520 | Winter $480 | with caregiver
With live music accompaniment, this is the complete sensory experience for Movers. Movers engage in fun music and movement activities for the first segment of the class then alternate between messy art projects at the table and gross motor activities on the mat. Let your baby explore and discover what their body can do whether it's stretching, jumping, dancing, climbing or painting.

Messy Movers & Shakers 2
Thursdays: 10:30a
Ages: 18 - 36m | 45 min. | Fall $520 | Winter $480 | with caregiver
This class builds on the Messy Movers & Shakers 1 but is for slightly older toddlers. In this class we will continue to engage in fun music and movement activities all with live music accompaniment for the first segment of the class then offer art projects at the table and gross motor activities on the mat. Let your toddler explore and discover what their body can do whether it's stretching, jumping, dancing, climbing or painting.

Busy Babies
Thursdays: 11:30a * FULL
Ages: 5 - 16m | 45 min. | Fall $442 | Winter $408 | with caregiver
Babies delight in the process of exploration! Upbeat fun songs and activities encourage babies to sway and shake while making music. We stretch, jump, sing, dance and play then quiet down for a BIG story or enjoy a ride on the parachute! During our open play segment, movers play and socialize freely.
Plus this 45 minute class has music accompaniment.

Wednesdays: 3:30p
Ages: 0 - 2y | 45 min. | Fall $320 *8 wks, begins 10/19 | Winter $480 | with caregiver
Wednesdays: 4:30p
Ages: 0 - 3y | 45 min. | Fall $520 | Winter $480 | with caregiver

The Rock-a-Baby Band introduces infants and toddlers to music in fun and exciting new ways! With interactive play, children have a unique opportunity to be "in the band" and engage in a stimulating and educational musical experience. Ranging from classical to jazz, and traditional children's songs to rock 'n roll, Rock-a-Baby is an experience that everyone can enjoy.

French for Little Ones
TRIAL Monday, December 4th at 10:00a
Mondays: 10:00a
Ages: 8-36m | 45 min. || Winter $420 | with caregiver

French for Little Ones is a fun and exciting 45 minutes French discovery class for babies and toddlers from 9 months to 3 years old. Through playful and stimulating songs and movements, incorporating puppets, shakers, pictures and more, children become familiar with vocabulary (greetings, colors, numbers, parts of the body etc.) and pronunciation. A lively, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable class for the child and parent or caregiver.

Music Together In The City
Mondays: 10:00a
Tuesdays: 3:30p
Thursdays: 10:00a & 11:00a
Saturdays: 9:30a
Sundays: 9:30a
Sundays: 10:30a

Ages: 0 - 4y | 45 min. | with caregiver
Music Together is an internationally recognized early childhood music program. Classes include songs, rhythmic rhymes and movement, and instrument play activities that are developmentally appropriate for children and easy for caregivers. Classes are structured to inspire a love of rhythm and music and to assist parents and caregivers who play such a crucial role in activating their child's musical development.

Canta y Baila Conmigo
Tuesdays: 10:00a & 11:00a
This is a Spanish immersion music class. Take a journey into Spanish language and its cultures through the magical world of music! With Canta y Baila Conmigo™ you and your child will be transported as you sing, dance and play along to the irresistible sounds and rhythms of Spanish speaking countries.

Register on Music Together's website or call (917) 342-1183
(*Partner Class Prices and Schedules Vary)

Baby Playgroup
Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays: 1:00p - 3:00p
Ages: 3 -12m | 120 min. | $15 per visit | with caregiver

Our Treehouse Babies have their very own playgroup time that offers a fun way to get together with other babies and caregivers. This group meets in the Soft Play Studio which is filled with age appropriate toys and games. Hang out and chat while the kids play in the baby ball pool, climb on the soft blocks, practice walking on the pull-up bar, or make some noise on the music table.

New Moms Support Group by The Moms Groups
Mondays: 11:30a & 1:00p
Ages: 0 - 5m (mom and baby) | 60 min. | $175 for six weeks of support.
Each week, we will come together with a small, supportive group of women to share experiences, ask questions and humorously and compassionately approach motherhood! Have a play date with your little one each week and meet other New York City moms in your neighborhood. Find out about classes, excursions, and things to do as a new mom! Led by Renee Sullivan from babybites.

Expectant Moms Support Group by The Moms Groups
Mondays: 7:00p
Expectant moms only | 60 min. | $175 for six weeks of support.
Join a community of other expectant moms! We will come together each week in a small, supportive group to share experiences, ask questions, build friendships, gather resources, and find support along your journey to becoming a parent. Led by certified life coach and fellow mom, Renee Sullivan from babybites.

Registration via The Moms Groups Website or Call (917) 578-3733

(*Partner Class Prices and Schedules Vary)


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